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Hard Water Could be Costing You More than $4500 a Year

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We have compliled a full look at the estimated Cost savings of soft water versus hard water based on of knowledge after 30 years in business and numerous 3rd part studies. 

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Why Do You Need a Whole-House Water Filtration Systems?

  • Family safety: When your whole house is protected with a filtration system, you can enjoy peace of mind that your family has safe drinking water.
  • Constant drinking water supply: You can turn on the tap and enjoy clean water — there’s no waiting for drinkable water from a water delivery service or a filtered pitcher.
  • Contaminant removal: This system removes harmful substances like dissolved solids, lead, mercury, arsenic and bacteria.
  • Tastier food and beverages:  Everything you make with clean water will taste better, including drinks and meals.

"Best water and service. We had a Pure water system placed 6 months ago to take care of all the calcium deposits in our fixtures. Now there hasn't be a single spot of calcium build up anywhere. The installation was clean and quick. The technician was very friendly and answered all my questions and concerns. We are very happy with our nice clean tasty water."

- G. Poole

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